Human Resources Director

My undergraduate degree from Charleston Southern University is in sociology so I have always had a strong desire to work in the social services field. Over the years, I had a few jobs in this area and decided that I wanted to further my education and upon completion of my Masters in Human Resource Development from Clemson University, I entered the workforce in Human Resources. I have worked in many different capacities including a call center, manufacturing, higher education and a psychiatric hospital. All of these experiences led me to the Anderson County DSN Board and I absolutely love it here. I may mostly work directly with people who provide the services to the individuals we serve but I certainly am aware of the importance of the services we provide each day. I strive to hire the best people, support training, give each employee the tools they need to do their job all while keeping us in compliance with federal and state laws. I love my job and am happy to be a part of this wonderful organization.

Hope Harrison