The Anderson County Disability & Special Needs Board (ACDSNB) is a privately held company in Anderson, SC. This location currently serves as the Headquarters for all satellite locations present and future.

ACDSNB is categorized under the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs and was established in 1982.

For the past 30+ years, ACDSNB has cultivated the singular goal of providing an elite environment, structure and support system for clients who have a diagnosis of intellectual disability, related disability, autism spectrum disorder and head and or spinal cord injuries.

The campus has grown steadily from its humble beginnings into a well-respected pillar of the community of Anderson County. Although the business is privately held, it has earned the support, the financing and the partnership of the county and been recognized by the state for its successes. Among these successes are the integration of many clients who grow into productive areas of society. Also included is the integration of successful career opportunities for the supportive and committed staff. Its activities have expanded to the point of integration within many local institutions, including top schools and religious organizations.

ACDSNB currently stands at 214 McGee Rd., Anderson, South Carolina, 29625.