Case Management

Cametra Addison-Cotton served as rehab supports coordinator for 20+ years and now as a case manager, primarily working with persons with disabilities and special needs, she brings 23 plus years’ experience in human services. She holds an undergraduate degree from Saint Peter’s – The Jesuit University of Jersey City in NJ; she also graduated from the University of Phoenix with honors and received her Master’s in 2006.

Cametra’s motivation emanates from not only being an advocate for the friends that she serves here at The Anderson County Disabilities & Special Needs Board, but also from seeing their wants and needs fulfilled. Her experiences working with both persons with intellectual disabilities and head and spinal cord injuries has taught her how to appreciate the simplest things in life and how not to take anything for granted. In her spare time she enjoys being a DJ, catering and taking both pictures and videos of people having fun at a variety of celebrations. She also loves to traveling, writing poetry and spending time with her family and close friends.

Cametra Cotton